We’re All In This Together: Exploring Our Personal & Collective Power Around Mental Health

This event will begin a conversation across our movement about how we can best support each other and fight for better, fairer, and healthier lives both inside and outside the workplace. You will hear from a representative from each of the Committees’ who will detail some of the specific challenges faced by their community, as follows:

  • Disabled Workers Committee: Portrayals of mental health in the media
  • Womens Committee: Sexual harassment
  • LGBT+: Hate crime
  • Black Workers: The black community and the criminal justice system
  • Youth Committee: Male suicide

The panel will also be joined by a representative from the Scottish Pensioners Forum who will discuss loneliness and isolation.

The event will use workshops and discussion groups to: identify common challenges and areas of progress across the movement; identify the different ways workplace reps support workers with their mental health; and begin to think about the different initiatives we can take as a movement to tackle the issues raised.

More information can be found here.

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