Publications: 2018


Wilkins-Laflamme, 'Islamophobia in Canada: Measuring the realities of negative attitudes toward Muslims and religious discrimination' (2018), Canadian Review of Sociology, 55(1), pp.86–110
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Wodak, R., 'The Radical Right and Antisemitism' (2018), In J. Rydgren (Ed.), The Oxford Handbook of the Radical Right (pp.61-85). New York, NY: Oxford University Press


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Yousuf, S. & Calafell, B., 'The Imperative for Examining Anti-Muslim Racism in Rhetorical Studies' (2018), Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, 15(4), pp. 312–318
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Zempi, I., 'The lived experiences of veiled Muslim women as ‘undeserving’ victims of Islamophobia' (2018), in M. Duggan (Ed.), Revisiting the 'ideal victim': Developments in critical victimology (pp.63-82). Bristol: Policy Press.
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