Publications: Poverty and hate crime


Clark, M.H., 'The unnerved and unhoused: a rhetorical analysis of save Austin now’s campaign to disband unhoused individuals from Austin, Texas' (2023), Argumentation and Advocacy [online]
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García Domínguez, I. & Vander Beken, T., 'Aporophobic and Homeless Victimisation—the Case of Ghent' (2023),
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Kiritchenko, S., Curto, G., Nejadgholi, I. & Fraser, K.C., 'Aporophobia: An Overlooked Type of Toxic Language Targeting the Poor' (2023), Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics, pp. 113–125
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Mayagoitia-Soria, A., González-Aguilar, J.M., Gómez-García, S. & Paz-Rebollo, M.A., '“Drop a Bomb on Them… and Problem Solved!” An Analysis of Poverty Discourse on TikTok' (2024), International Journal of Communication, 18, pp. 1135–1156
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Surya, K.C., Sudip, N., Asmi, K.C. & Keshav, K.C., '“A life of disclosure: stigma, discrimination, and homelessness.” A case study of a factor that slowed (or contributed to the slowed) treatment-seeking behaviour of a leprosy patient in Nepal' (2023), Leprosy Review, 94(3), pp. 243–246
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