Publications: Refugees and hate crime


Baider, F. & Kopytowska, M., 'Conceptualising the Other: Online discourses on the current refugee crisis in Cyprus and in Poland' (2017), Lodz Papers in Pragmatics, 13(2), pp.203-233
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Benček, D. & Martin, C., 'Explaining hate crimes against refugees in Germany: Regional spill-overs or local determinants?' (2016), Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Working Paper
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Bruneau, E., Kteily, N. & Laustsen, L., 'The unique effects of blatant dehumanization on attitudes and behavior towards Muslim refugees during the European ‘Refugee Crisis’ across four countries' (2017), European Journal of Social Psychology [online]
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Kopytowska, M., Grabowski, L. & Wozniak, J., 'Mobilizing against the Other: Cyberhate, refugee crisis and proximization' (2017), in M. Kopytowska (Ed.), Contemporary discourses of hate and radicalism across space and genres. John Benjamins Publishing Company.
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McDuie-Ra, D., '‘Bangalore: An inconvenient truth’: Hate crime and the exodus' (2015), in Debating Race in Contemporary India (pp. 32-55). London: Palgrave Macmillan UK
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Sadeghi, S., 'Racial boundaries, stigma, and the re-emergence of “always being foreigners”: Iranians and the refugee crisis in Germany' (2018), Ethnic and Racial Studies [online]
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