Publications: 2020


Kasakowskij, T., Fürst, J., Fischer, J. & Fietkiewicz, K.J., 'Network Enforcement as Denunciation Endorsement? A Critical Study on Legal Enforcement in Social Media' (2020), Telematics and Informatics, 46
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Mozafari, M., Farahbakhsh, R. & Crespi, N., 'A BERT-Based Transfer Learning Approach for Hate Speech Detection in Online Social Media' (2020), Studies in Computational Intelligence, 881 SCI, pp. 928-940
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Salminen, J., Hopf, M., Chowdhury, S.A., Jung, S.G., Almerekhi, H. & Jansen, B.J., 'Developing an Online Hate Classifier for Multiple Social Media Platforms' (2020), Human-centric Computing and Information Sciences, 10(1), 1
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Tremblay, M.-C., 'The Wicked Interplay of Hate Rhetoric, Politics and the Internet: What Can Health Promotion Do to Counter Right-Wing Extremism?' (2020), Health Promotion International, 35(1), pp. 1-4
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Vidgen, B. & Yasseri, T., 'Detecting Weak and Strong Islamophobic Hate Speech on Social Media' (2020), Journal of Information Technology and Politics, 17(1), pp. 66-78
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Wachs, S., Gámez-Guadix, M., Wright, M.F., Görzig, A. & Schubarth, W., 'How Do Adolescents Cope With Cyberhate? Psychometric Properties and Socio-Demographic Differences of a Coping With Cyberhate Scale' (2020), Computers in Human Behavior, 104 [online]
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Weber, M., Viehmann, C., Ziegele, M. & Schemer, C., 'Online Hate Does Not Stay Online – How Implicit and Explicit Attitudes Mediate the Effect of Civil Negativity and Hate in User Comments on Prosocial Behavior' (2020), Computers in Human Behavior, 104
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Wilken, D., 'Disability Hate Crime: Experiences of Everyday Hostility on Public Transport' (2020), London: Palgrave Pivot
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Đorđević, J.P., 'The Sociocognitive Dimension of Hate Speech in Readers’ Comments on Serbian News Websites' (2020), Discourse, Context and Media, 33
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