Publications: 2024


Behzadidoost, R., Mahan, F. & Izadkhah, H., 'Granular computing-based deep learning for text classification' (2024), Information Sciences, 652, 119746
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Bilen, A., 'A Review: Detection of Discrimination and Hate Speech Shared on Social Media Platforms Using Artificial Intelligence Methods' (2024), in M. Kılıç, S. Bozkuş Kahyaoğlu (Eds) Algorithmic Discrimination and Ethical Perspective of Artificial Intelligence. Accounting, Finance, Sustainability, Governance & Fraud: Theory and Application (Part F1585) (pp. 171–181), Singapore: Springer
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Costa, S., Tavares, M., Bidarra, J. & da Silva, B.M., 'In[the Hate Booth]: A Case Study on How to Deal with Online Hate Speech' (2024), Springer Series in Design and Innovation, 33, pp. 259–276
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Firmino, A.A., de Souza Baptista, C. & de Paiva, A.C., 'Improving hate speech detection using Cross-Lingual Learning' (2024), Expert Systems with Applications, 235, 121115
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Mahajan, E., Mahajan, H. & Kumar, S., 'EnsMulHateCyb: Multilingual hate speech and cyberbully detection in online social media' (2024), Expert Systems with Applications, 236, 121228
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Rathnayake, H., Sumanapala, J., Rukshani, R. & Ranathunga, S., 'AdapterFusion-based multi-task learning for code-mixed and code-switched text classification' (2024), Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 127, 107239
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